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5/30/2006 9:48:32 AM

Vital Thoughts Consulting performs web design. From on-line retailing to B2B portals for supplier communities – our Web Design group develops sites that draw customers, dazzle them with multimedia content, secure business transactions, and gather intelligence for you. Whether you’re starting from scratch with no logo, building a brand, or creating a multilingual global sales site, we have the resources and experience to create sites that pull customers and spark sales. Internet, intranet, or extranet…a graphic tune-up, a major re-design, or starting from scratch, we’ll build an impressive web identity for you. Designer Experience Our designers are trained in the best graphics software available for the web including Adobe, Macromedia, and Microsoft products. At Vital Thoughts Consulting, we recognize the difference between design for print and design for the web. Our designers have solid experience with both. We will help you utilize existing marketing and sales materials while keeping the electronic media in mind. Our design professionals will optimize your graphics and custom design the layout for the internet, not just scan your brochures. The resulting product will be a clean, professionally designed site. The Design Process We make the process as easy as possible for you. Timing is certainly important to you and offering the best design for your company image and audience is important to us. We do not offer templates to choose from or package prices. Every company is different and the design process should not be “cookie cutter,” but instead an expression of your company and product. We will meet with you, discuss your needs, and develop a custom site that is unique and reflects your company’s personality.

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